Taking part in such an important and sensitive business venture in the modern world as publishing of the Holy Scripture, we would like to make disclosures of our position and principles to our readers, partners, co-workers, potential investors and donors.


Freedom of conscience and religion is an inalienable right, for as we consider, it does not arise from the human realm, rather, it arises as a great gift from God to each and every individual.


We reserve the same freedoms for ourselves as we do for each and every other human being and, therefore, we ask everyone not to associate our Publishing House and its business with any communal, racial, ethnic or denominational affiliations as well as with any particular specifics of personal views on any issue related to the Holy Scripture.  Moreover, we would appreciate not imposing any personal point of view on our Publishing House.


Our Publishing House does not advocate, condone, promote or participate in any kind of religious discord or denominational conflicts.  We consider that the Holy Scripture belongs to each and every human being who recognizes it regardless of his/her religious affiliation or ethnic origin.


We respect preferences for the certain versions of the Holy Scripture in each and every denomination that has been evolved over the course of time.  We understand that these differences originate from the features of the Holy Scripture itself, for the Providence grants to each and every person his/her own way to the Creator and does not force anyone to follow the only one exclusive route.  We will publish only those versions of the Holy Scripture that have been deemed acceptable by the appropriate local religious authorities.

The heads of all Christian denominations in the Middle East